A-Level History

Exam Board: AQA

You will be introduced to your historical investigation at the end of Year 12. This course offers you opportunities to study both modern and early modern history.

The ‘Breadth Study’ will give you the opportunity to understand change and continuity over a period of 100+ years.
The Tudors 1485–1603: This is an exciting and dramatic period in the history of England. Full of larger-than-life characters, rebellions and beheadings. The ‘Depth Study’ will enable you to focus on key historical concepts including cause, consequence and significance over a short period of time. 

The Cold War 1945–1991: A time of division when the world was brought to the brink of World War III and yet somehow survived. Dig into the details of Vietnam, the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

The ‘Historical Investigation’ provides a unique and exciting opportunity to develop your skills of enquiry, research analysis and communication. This is your chance to carry out your own enquiry into a debate from history that inspires you.

In all three elements of the course you will develop your skills in using and evaluating historical sources.


80% examination / 20% coursework


General college entry requirements plus a grade 5 or above in GCSE History. 

Where can it lead?

Many students go on to study History at university, either solely or combined with other subjects such as English, Politics or Philosophy or other literature-based options such as American studies. 

History students can go forward into a wide range of different employment opportunities. Examples include a lawyer, an accountant, a heritage manager, an archaeologist, a broadcast journalist, a politician, a teacher, a journalist and many more. 

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