Sixth Form College is currently closed except to registered critical worker / vulnerable students. Remote provision is available for all students from January 5th 2021.

Parents' Evenings

Please contact your child's mentor if you have any questions relating to their progress or well-being.

  • SF1: Mr J Law
  • SF2: Mr M Rogers
  • SF3: Mrs C Roberts
  • SF4: Ms A Hargreaves / Ms S Perkins
  • SF5: Ms L Graham
  • SF6: Ms L White
  • SF7: Mr D Sandiford
  • SF8: Mr P Armann
  • SF9: Mr J Spragg
  • SF10: Mr R Walters
  • SF11: Ms F Starkey
  • SF12: Ms H Bishopp
  • SF13: Miss G Revagliatte
  • SF14: Ms M Britton
  • SF15: Mr C Rudge

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